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Friday, July 3, 2009

9:43AM - wanted OLD -trash/noise-PUNK video/DVD shows tons to trade


looking for rare live video/DVD shows of industrial-japanese noise/punk bands from the 80's-mid 90s


see my list at http://almudeno69.hostse.com/index.html

my email is almudeno69@yahoo.com


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

12:43AM - We're back again!

Musica Excentrica presents our new releases:

Volga — “At Ausland”

Sounds like ethnic, folklore, industrial...

Angela Manukian, Alexei Borisov, Yuri Balashov and Roman Lebedev have created the most, and the only well-known, in international music area, Russian project, working in folklore/authentic style, connecting together Slavic ancient and national songs and actual electronic tunes.

Listen and download on Musica Excentrica

Tomoko Sauvage and Gilles Aubry — “Apam Napat”

Sounds like microtonal, free-improvised...

Tomoko Sauvage improvises on waterbowls, a self-developed percussion instrument made of Chinese porcelain bowls filled with water, inspired by an instrument of carnatic music (South India), Jalatarangam. The serene sound and melodies are live-sampled and slightly processed by Gilles Aubry to create new layers of sound mixed with the original ones. This polyphonic interplay between primitive sound of water vibration and its time-lagged samples generates illusory vertigo.

Listen and download on Musica Excentrica

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


would you care to get this update as an email? let me know


marsneedscheerleaders at hotmail.com [paypal/LABEL EMAIL]
themangledhand at gmail.com [personal email]

seth oubliette
105 church street
bloomingdale GA 31302

ask 'bout world wide shipping


OBE052 WRASH / OUBLIETTE - LIVE CLYO C-12 ed.of 61 $5.00 [25 copies left]
live show from The Building, CLYO[lair] georgia; wrash, no-fi members of tampa scene
stripped down punk, noisy a la byron house, odem press, harry pussy.
oubliette, live session: super octave, distortion, extreme-WAH
old cassette players, junk guitar, mics; near relentless

OBE045 TORTURING OUBLIETTE " OUBLIETTE TORTURE" C-33 ed.of 59 $7.00 [26 copies left]
33 minutes of harsh junk-level lo-fi; some tracks scraps from LP sessions, most
are late 2007, mail collaborations collaged & compiled by both artists; shanghai & GA USA

OBE053 "GREY FETISH" NO. 5 - ARTZINE [1st ed. of 50] $2.00 or stamps
more "sequential" than last 4 issues; dedicated to eli a. stafford
20 pages of drawings, collages, and found images copied simply and not abused,
grey tones and shades desired by seth o. himself


^obe041 seth oubliette "creepier than you" C30 $6 [12 copies left]
^obe042 oubliette ". . . pent-up aching rivers" C47 $7 [43 copies remain]
^obe043 oubliette "spliced VHS recycled audio" C30 [ed. of 33] $5 [6 copies remain]
^obe036 oubliette - SERMONS c-50 $6 [18 copies left]
^obe023 oubliette "nekromantik" dvd-r $4 rerelease [12 copies left]
^obe047 seth stafford "INC 2007" cdr [festival release] $3 [6 copies left]
^obe044 body collector "skeleton sold for profit" c-30 $6 [15 copies]
oubliette "recycled" cassette obelisk material[obelisksounds] $3
RUBBISH "FEEL MY LOVE" cassette [obelisksounds] $6 6 copies left

oubliette & newton - collab cassette $7 [breathmint] 7 copies
pille weibel & michael barthel / seth oubliette - split cassette [xvp] 2 copies left!
oubliette / robe. - split cassette $6 [turgid animal] 4 copies left
korolev zond / oubliette - split cassette $6 [kapustin yar records] 7 copies
oubliette "self hate" cassette [teenage whore tapes] $6 [8 copies left]
oubliette "recycled gospels" cassette [cute tapes] $6 [2 copies left]
villa valley / oubliette - split cassette [excitebike] $6 [last TWO copies!]
oubliette "more tape fuckeries" cassette [tusco embassy] $7 [13 copies left]
oubliette "pumpkin vines" [elite tapes] cdr $5 [8 copies]
apophallation / oubliette split cdr [roil noise] $5 [3 copies remain]
oubliette "live collection" enhanced cdr [hymns] $5 [10 copies]
oubliette / scissor shock split cassette [Soundo Maso] $5 [3 copies]
oubliette "recycled" cassette RRRecords material $4 [RRR]
ATLÄS / Oubliette split cassette [elite tapes] $6 [LAST copy!]
gem of skin / oubliette - split cassette [ford the river] $6 [5 copies remain]
i died / oubliette - split cassette [black & purple] $6 [2 copies left]
va - aural atrocities comp cd $5.00 [feat. oubliette, xingu, pure etc.]
va - population problems comp 7" $4.00 last copy!


sexual tourist "womb broom" 7" $4.00 [7 copies]
lesson lesson lesson relearn "things have never been better" cdr $4.00
daleth / blue shift - split cdr $6
byron house "recycled" cassette $2 [free w/ order upon request]
buddyship "down to INC" cassette $5 [3 copies left]
rock band "s/t" cdr $4 aka rock banned, savannah ga [two copies left]
rock band "s/t" cassette $4 aka rock banned, savannah ga [two copies left]
hulk smash "s/t" cassette $7 [3 copies left]
blue shift "worm charmer" [i just live here] $6 [6 copies]
rubbish "recycled" cassette $4
fecalove "rrrecycled" cassette [rrr] $4 [9 copies]
aborted shit "slaughter sessions" 2xCS $8 [nurse ett.] 3 copies
the barracks of afghanistan "psycobabbling" cassette $5 [nurse ett.] 3 copies
2deadsluts onegoodfuck "rrrecycled" cassette [rrr] $4 [2 copies]
lesson lesson lesson releaern cdr [west palm beotch] $5
sword heaven "live at little brothers" cdr [cut hands] $9 [6 copies]
gaybomb / hentai lacerator split 7" [isle of man] $4 [5 copies]
torturing nurse "recycled" cassette [RRR] $4 [2 copies]
the slasher film festiva; strategy "an introduction to mayhem" 7" [4 copies]


then&than / turmoiled functions - split cassette $4.00
killer hippie vs gaybomb / timeblazers vs. itself - split cassette $4.00
16 bitch pileup / twink bully - split cassette $6.00
ex pets / puke attack - split cassette $4.00
va - stay in school drugs are for losers you suck comp cassette $6.00
sanguine vessel with tinnitustimulus "blue rake" cdr $4.00
shirts vs skin heads "s/t" cdr $5.00
what's yr damage "live in america" cdr $5.oo
jeff rehnlund "our thin mercy of error" cdr $5.00
andrew chadwick "magnetic personality" cdr $5.00
ironing "pocket almanac" $4.00
dead vagina / gaybomb split cdr $5.00
haves&thirds "now i know why tigers eat their young" CD $5.00
soft creatures "specific" cdr $4.00
rubbish "primitive glory" cdr $4.00
sword heaven "entrance" CD $9.00
ames sanglantes "le cri du pendu" CD $5.00
alec empire vs merzbow CD $5.00
dead machines "no future" CD $5.00
aaron dilloway "bad dreams" cdr $4.00
villa valley "accused beasts" cdr $4.00
hair police "drawn dead" CD $5.00


Monday, August 25, 2008

1:14AM - New classics and retro grooves

Musica Excentrica and Netaudio Russia present our new releases:

Joan Bagés i Rubi — “Instrumental Music” (Musica Excentrica)

Sounds like musique concrète, electroacoustic...

Spanish musician Joan Bages i Rubi, a young Stockhausen and Xenakis follower, develops the idea of interactions between classical music theory and algorythmic concpetions of the contemporary music - "These four pieces collect some of my ways of sound work, pieces for solo instrument, pieces for ensemble and pieces for interactive music and electroacustic music."

Listen and download on Musica Excentrica

HardStroke — “The Others” (Electrosound)

Sounds like chiptunes techno, electropop...

HardStroke is a band, based on one human. Simon Johansson is his name.Simon has created music for a long time, and has faced many different music styles. Some of them are: rock, pop, jazz, metal, dance, house, techno, trance, classical and… Swedish folkmusic. Mash it up!

Listen and download on Electrosound

with best regards, NetAudio Russia / Musica Excentrica


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1:36AM - Emotronic

Netaudio Russia is proud to presents our "100% summer release":

Suan - "Emotronic Is The Reason" (Electrosound)

Sounds like indietronica, post-rock...

Sometimes emotions and feelings cannot be expressed by words. Emotronic is the reason. Notes, loops and sighs from the dark well of the mood… Suan is the solo project of Faust, musician from Rome/Italy, and this is his debut album.

Listen and download!

Enjoy! And don't forget to check up brand-new Musica Excentrica web-site!
with best regards, NetAudio Russia / Musica Excentrica


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

12:02AM - V/A "In Memorian Andrey Tarkovsky"

Musica Excentrica proud to present our new compiliation dedicated to most impressive film-directors of XX century - Andrey Tarkovsky.

In the entire history of cinema there has never been a director, who has made such a dramatic stand for the human spirit as he did. Today, when cinema seems to have drowned in a sea of glamorized triviality, when human relationships on screen have been reduced to sexual intrigue or sloppy sentimentality, and baseness rules the day - this man appears as a lone warrior standing in the midst of this cinematic catastrophe, holding up the banner for human spirituality.

The Genius of modern Russian cinema - hailed by Ingmar Bergman as "the most important director of our time" - died an exile in Paris in December 1986.

After 22 years, passed from that year we decided to ask Kim Cascone, Astro, Violet, 833-45, Kenneth Kirschner, Astrowind, Pink Twins, Alva Noto, Nobukazu Takemura and Nikita Golyshev what do they think about Tarkovsky's phenomenon. This "musical answers" are now gathered in a big compiliation, and we invite everyone to explore it:

Release page (get track-by-track):

ZIP with 320kbps mp3

with best regards,
Musica Excentrica (brand new site is coming soon!)

Current mood: impressed


Monday, June 16, 2008

1:13AM - Mind VS Feelings

Netaudio Russia is proud to present 2 new relases from our label-family! Two different projects from different places on the Earth presented today and always:

Fauna - "Have U Ever Talk To Angels?" (Share My Wings)

Sounds like trip-hop, indietronica, post-rock...

The release of this Fauna album have been anticipated for the last four years for it is the one most complete and reflecting Fauna mood in the best way. Momentary cut of the surrounding world and feeling of eternity are equally inherent to each track of this record. Hymn to the emptiness, to its so varied phenomena is the essence and deep meaning of Have U Ever Talked To Angels?

Release page (get track-by-track):

ZIP with 320kbps mp3 (83mb)


Takeshi Nakamura - "Sound Effect Collage" (Wierd Elements)

Sounds like microtechno, clicks and cuts.

This is not music. This is sound effects collage... This how Takeshi Nakamura, musician from Tokyo, Japan describes his new album, inspired by minimal techno experiments, sampladelic cutted influences and chiptunes sine waves.

Release page (get track-by-track):

ZIP with 320kbps mp3 (83mb)



with best regards, NetAudio Russia team!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

11:31PM - Eclectic post-noise on Musica Excentrica

CD-R and Quest.Room.Project - "Digital Snow"

Nikita Golyshev, known as CD-R, and Bogdan Dullsky (Quest.Room.Project) met virtually and have recorded an album. First, they share music file sources in the net, and then processed with real-time sound recordings through peer-to-peer connection.

The result is a collage of acoustic and digital pieces, gathered in one snowfall.

Release page (get track-by-track):

ZIP with 320kbps mp3 (91mb)

ZIP with FLAC lossless (307mb)


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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

12:36AM - Taiga on Electrosound

Taiga is a solo project of Denis Taiga from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, exists with a wide collaborations by other musicians. Bitter Tragic Joke is the collection of previously unreleased tracks, recorded in a period of six years, since 2002 till present days.

Sampladelic experience and ethnic eclectic jazz are the basic lines of Taiga: we can hear a lot of samples from Soviet movie pictures and cassette tapes, mixed with authentic folklore recordings and modern electronics. While mixing, the source dissolves in some kind of deep sound clew, so even musician cannot understand where does it come from... He calls this Hypno.

Release page:


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Monday, May 19, 2008

1:20PM - NCCA Audio-Visual reports

22 мая, четверг, 20.00

bad loop, Esem, Planet Boelex

Лейбл www.kahvi.org открыл миру таких мастеров idm как Lackluster, planet boelex, esem, stud и др.

 bad loop (Финляндия)

Финский электронный проект российского происхождения, сочиняющий качественный downtempo и idm. Несмотря на сравнительно недолгую историю коллектива, проект успел засветиться на нескольких международных фестивалях, а также гастролировал в Европе, в частности в Англии. Первое выступление в Москве.

Esem (Болгария)

Альбом проекта Esem – Scateren изданный бесплатно в формате ogg на лейбле Kahvi.org стал одним из самых скачиваемых в истории нетлейблов. Первое выступление Георгия Маринова в России несомненно станет событием в музыкальной жизни столицы.

Planet Boelex (Финляндия)

Проект финского музыканта Оскари Сорри, полюбившегося московской публике на NCCA Fest 2007, вновь с концертом в ГЦСИ. На этот раз новая программа, уже отыгранная на фестивалях K?lmk?la Paide (Эстония), Virus Art Festival (Литва) и Klusa Daba Festival (Латвия).

 Вход 300 руб.


Friday, May 9, 2008

6:06PM - Uniquetunes on ElectroSound

Contemporary psychedelic jazz, live electronics, modern indie rock... call it anything you like! This is Uniquetunes band with a new full-power album on ElectroSound.

Started as quartet, now they are eight and they still play music totally live. All tracks were recorded without using any computers and the result sounds astonishing: full-power psychedelic jazz mixed with adjusted art-rock.

Release page (Free MP3 + FLAC lossles):


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Monday, April 28, 2008

1:14AM - Psychedelic ambient and soviet analog synths!

Musica Excentrica presents:

Astrowind — “Fresh Wind in the Valley of Dreams”

Astrowind might be a slightly ridiculous band name, especially if you consider the fact these two Latvian guys play lush ambient music on Soviet synthesizers. But nevertheless, it’s a good name. An accurate name, at least. Because there is a feel of acroamatic escapism, there are these huge chords of hissing analogue synthesizers and you can even find this special kind of Slavonian melancholia (or Baltic, respectively) people use to rave about. Astrowind bring up a lot of references in their beautiful and, well, obsolete music (text by Swen Swift).

This is the full-length album by Astrowind wich leads listener to the world of supernatural reality - the world of blossoming syntesizer-pads and carefully built soundscapes.

Listen and download (non- profit under Creative Commons License) in 320kbps mp3 on Musica Excentrica!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

11:56PM - Bushel Project

Electronic Experimental Noise - Bushel Project


Sunday, March 9, 2008

9:15PM - Tunguska by 833-45 on Musica Excentrica

If your familiar with the music of Kevin M. Krebs composing under is 833-45 alias, then I think that you'll agree that Tunguska might just be his most compelling work to date under that guise. Just the association of the names 833-45 and Tunguska is suggestive of the sonic power inherent to this album. On the one hand, we have 833-45 delivering his own formidable take on electronic music and the noise aesthetic, but along with that we have the powerful image of the well documented 1908 Tunguska Event in which a massive explosion (possibly caused by the air burst of large meteoroid or comet fragment) flattened over 2000 square kilometers of a remote region in Russia.

Listen and download (non- profit under Creative Commons License) in 320kbps mp3 and FLAC lossless on Musica Excentrica!

Current mood: ecstatic


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2:23AM - Native indietronica from Russian North

Share My Wings netlabel presents:

smw014: Chikiss - Untitled Vitamin

Galya Chikiss founded her band in a small town named Primorsk, in the North-West of Russia. There she met two futher members of her group, Alexander Belkov (drummer) and Alexander Dubrovin (guitarist). They began to experiment with various equipment, such as Soviet reverberators, to see how delay-loops and improvised electronica could form the basis of Galya's songs.

Untitled vitamin is an album full of warm vocal drawings, sound sometimes lo-fi, but always sincere and honest.

Listen in mp3 320kbps: http://www.netaudio.ru/share-my-wings/releases/smw014/

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Monday, February 18, 2008


marsneedscheerleaders at hotmail.com [paypal]

seth oubliette
310 ollie morgan road
CLYO, GA 31303 usa

ask 'bout world wide shipping

^obe041 seth oubliette "creepier than you" C30 [ed. of 36] $6
second installment of the organ demos; with one last chance to document his lost organ, oubliette
hammered out this creep-session; play-by-ear style w/ manual CS & violin layers; drear

^obe042 oubliette ". . . pent-up aching rivers" C47 [ed. of 84] $7
most recent low-fidelity epic; full-length of divers sounds; wall noise, junk/guitar sounds, cassette crud/e
+ sound collages/field recordings; walt whitman

^obe043 oubliette "spliced VHS recycled audio" C30 [ed. of 33] $5
recycled sessions recorded to & spliced from VHS cassettes; final sounds ripped from
scotch-taped VHS master; harsh at times, bogged-down always; crass-ears only
this audio not akin to the video project

^obe036 oubliette - SERMONS c-50 [ed. of 50] $6 REPRESS
all tracks birthed from oubliette's great-grandmother's collection of
obscure & localized gospel music, methodist sermons, & special revival music;
cassette [including 8-track] manipulation; hiss-fi

^obe023 oubliette "nekromantik" dvd-r [ed. of 42] $4 rerelease
oubliette's own no-fi edit of the wonderful nekromantik: exploitive, german, dark;
a short but classy "music video," cheap and worth it; oubliette audio from 'clyo-winter' era

^obe047 seth stafford "INC 2007" cdr [festival only] $3 or free
secret and captured microcassette audio from the 2007 international noise confrence
in miami, fl & surronding pre/post shows; pocket audio, mic-on-the-floor styl'd

^obe044 body collector "skeleton sold for profit" c-30 [ed. of 43] $6
lo-fi surprise from BODY COLLECTOR khris is grossing-it-down for us and
violently submitting to obelisksounds' "standard"
wave the flaf for us all


*oubliette "self hate" cassette [teenage whore tapes] $6
*oubliette "recycled gospels" cassette [cute tapes] $6
*villa valley / oubliette - split cassette [excitebike] $6
*oubliette "more tape fuckeries" cassette [tusco embassy] $7
oubliette "pumpkin vines" [elite tapes] cdr $5
apophallation / oubliette split cdr [roil noise] $5
oubliette "live collection" enhanced cdr [hymns] $5
oubliette / scissor shock split cassette [Soundo Maso] $5
fecalove/mutant ape/oubliette/torturing nurse split & collab 12" [turgid animal/obelisksounds/sasha] $16
oubliette "recycled" cassette RRRecords material $4 [RRR]
oubliette "recycled" cassette obelisk material[obelisksounds] $3
ATLÄS / Oubliette split cassette [elite tapes] $6
gem of skin / oubliette - split cassette [ford the river] $6
i died / oubliette - split cassette [black & purple] $6

lesson lesson lesson releaern cdr [west palm beotch] $5
sword heaven "live at little brothers" cdr [cut hands] $10
gaybomb / hentai lacerator split 7" [isle of man] $4
torturing nurse "recycled" cassette [RRR] $4
RUBBISH "FEEL MY LOVE" cassette [obelisksounds] $6


Thursday, February 7, 2008

1:02PM - NCCA Audio-Visual Reports


Государственный центр современного искусства приглашает на мастер-класс:

В рамках программы «Конец времени композиторов… или  реальное будущее»

7 февраля, четверг, 20.00

 «NCCA Audio-Visual Reports»

Мастер-класс по технике виджеинга от наиболее востребованного  как на родине, так и за рубежом, московского видеохудожника, участника многих международных фестивалей Никиты Цымбала. Приемы и технологии (software и hardware). 
Руководитель программы – Д. Ухов

Куратор - Г. Стефанов
Вход 100 руб


Sunday, February 3, 2008

9:25PM - exc011 oxy — “Rved.Tha” EP

exc011 oxy — “Rved.Tha” EP

Musica Excentrica returns to netlabelism planet with a new "Rved. Tha" EP by oxy: six conceptual remixes of the cult russian band Zvuki Mu, made by Ivan Pavlov (aka COH).

“Rved. Tha” EP has been recorded in December 2002. It was inspired and based upon an ELECTRO T. – an album by a rather infamous Russian artist ZVUKI MU. “Rved. Tha” EP re-interprets the first six pieces from the album, exclusively utilizing the sound of these. The duration of each “remake” is equal to that of the original and the titles are intended to reinterpret the original titles.

[Listen and Compare on featured microsite]


Sunday, January 27, 2008

8:41PM - es40: Various Artists - Thank You

Various Artists - Thank You

Yes, it's fortieth! And we say thank you to each and every musician and group, that appeared in previous ElectroSound releases.Thank you to every person and listener, who appreciated our work. Big thanks to our friends and partners, they made us stronger. And the biggest thanks to all our evil-wishers, they made us more powerfull.

So, what can we say more about this compilation? A couple of brand new and (as always) astonishing tracks from musicians you know, plus some new groups, united various emotianal states together in entire electronic mood. We like this music, hope you will like it, too. Keep listening and we will keep on moving.


Listen in mp3 320kbps stereo:




Saturday, December 29, 2007

3:32AM - Happy New Year!

Musica Excentrica and everyone at NetAudio.ru is happy to make a few small presents for our listeners!

ADD Noise Sessions audio-report - a mix of live-sets from 18 artists from 7 different cities, is available for free download now! Don't miss it!

From that period, all NetAudio.ru releases, gathered in one stream to feed your beloved iPod, iTouch, as well as any other device, of course. Simply subscribe and... let's get party started!

Happy New Year to everybody! We'll meet you in 2008 with new releases and new events!

with best regards, NetAudio.ru team.

Current mood: happy


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